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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  August 12, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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suffered non-life threatening injuries. >> killer or a battered woman pushed too far? >> that's the queson jurors in the karla porter murder trial are answering. they began deliberations tonight. >> karla porter's own lawyers do not deny she hired someone to kill her husband but the question is did years of abuse drive her to do it. now the jury has to decide if they hared enough evidence of abuse during her trial to spare her spending her life in prison. >> she was painted as the engineer of her husband's death as prosecutors wrapped up her murder trial. she is accused of plotting to kill her husband and making it look like he died during a robbery. >> i was so tired.
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>> prosecutors told the jury karla porter hired a hitman and involved her sister, brother and nephew in the plot. the state hammered what they called karla porter's progression of lies to cover up her actions beginning a 911 call which included a fictitious description of a gunman. >> you said a black male came into the side door. >> the defense did not deny her role in the murder but they urged the jury to convict her of involuntary manslaughter. >> this is the action of a woman suffering ref covering physical and psychological abuse. this is the action of a woman at the end of her rope. this is the action of a woman never allowed to exhale. >> they told the jury even if these stories are true it does not provide her any defense for what she has done.
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>> the hitman in this case is currently serving a life sentence. the jury will get back to work tomorrow morning f. they convict her of murder she could spend life in prison without the possibility of parole. >> tonight police continue their investigation into an afternoon shooting near a baltimore city elementary school. it happened just after 2:00 on pennsylvania avenue. that's near the furman tipple on the elementary school. the building was on lockdown for a brief time. police were on stand by as they were let out. the victim is not a child but an adult male. no word on his identity or condition. >> meanwhile the search is on for a person who shot a manto death over night. it happened inside a west baltimore restaurant. detectives were called to west baltimore street just before 2:00 this morning. a man was sitting inside the new
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york fried chicken when someone burst into the building and shot him. they have not identified the victim and are asking anyone with information to contact them immediately. >> today county executive lauren released an internal review into the police department. she hired an independent task force to look into allegations of the former executive. some of the recommendations include reviewing the structure of the didn't and revising how officers get promoted. the task force was made up of current and retired law enforcement officials. >> we saw a distraction that at the command level that predominated the discussion and i think she's gone a long way to fixing that problem. >> county executive newman says that the recommendations will be a work in progress. >> a mass i have overhall will
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be under way when it comes to the sentencing of low level drug offenders. it does away with mandatory minimum sentences and aimed at reducing prison overcrowding. >> sally has more on that story. >> with federal prisons now operating at 40% above capacity. attorney jenner rick holder says the most severe penalties should be reserved for the most severe offenders. >> it should be used to punnish, deter and rehabilitate but not to warehouse and forget. >> he is changing the justice department charging guidelines so non-violent offenders who have no ties to gangs or drug cartels will no longer face mandatory sentences. they will be charged for
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sentences better suit towed their individual conduct rather than excessive sentences for violent offenders or drug king pins. >> of the 219,000 inmates in federal prisons, 47% are serving time for drug related crimes. >> perhaps the pendulum has swung toofer in terms of mandatory sentences. >> but critics of the move say it sends a signal to low level drug dealers that the price of doing business has gone down. >> if the price of doing business goes down, that's going to provide me with a september tons do more business because the legal risk i was previously facing are down. >> one local defense attorney believes it's time that sentencing guidelines be changed saying it penal lieses the little guy while the king pins go free.
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>> the big dogs don't carry the drugs so when the government across the country happens to catch the lower level folks, they are subject to laws that were passed in the 1970's which has led to a very high incarceration rate for our country. >> the senate judiciary committee is holding hearings next month granting federal judges greater flexibility in sentencing. >> president obama signed an order to look into communications technology in the intelligence gathering. the review was announced friday. it followed questions prompted by edward snowden's leak of information. the review group will look at whether the u.s. is using its capabilities in a way that best protects national security while also considering the risk of unauthorized disclosure and the need to maintain public trust. >> a federal judge ruled today
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the stop and frisk policy is unconstitutional. the judge ordered that the new york police department implemented its policy in a manner that discrimnates based on race in the trial. a dozen people testified they were wrongly stopped by the police department. >> we have victimized a black and brown people in new york city in way that is it will take decades to recover from. >> new york city michael bloomberg responded in a press conference saying this is a dangerous decision adding that the policy has saved lives and reduced crime and murder rates to record lows. bloomberg says there will be an appeal. >> a hospital technician accused of causing an outbreak of hepatitis crrk c is set to plead guilty. the deal with alowl him to avoid criminal charges in kansas, georgia and here in maryland. he's set to plead in new hampshire court in exchange for
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a prison term of 30 to 40 years. he injected himself using stolen syringes and replacing the drug with say lynn before the tainted syringes were used on patients. >> james whitey bulger is guilty . his crimes were committed while he served as an f.b.i. inform nt. he could get life in prison on november 13. ? part of a central florida resort was swallowed by a sink hole. and we'll hear from some of the guests who were inside that building when it started to go down. a million dollar mixup at a casino. where was the real winner? >> showers increasing. we're in for some unsettled weather as we head into tuesday.
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>> some folks vacationing in central florida are lucky to be alive tonight after a sink hole swallowed part of their building. it happened about nine miles from walt disneyworld. >> at the summer bay resort they started hearing popping sounds yesterday afternoon in one of the buildings but they had no idea what was going on. by midnight they heard cracking sounds and windows breaking and part of the building started to sink into the hole. >> our floor is 50 feet under ground.
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the hole side of the building is gone. >> it's not the way these guests wanted to spend a vacation in florida. >> nobody would want that. >> an aerial view shows how the collapsed building was partially swallowed by the sink hole that is 40 to 0eu6r feet wide and 20 feet deep. when security personnel realized what was happening they started to evacuate the guests. >> as he not acted on his own as he was trained to do and had the authority to do what needed to be done, we are confident many people could have been trapped. >> he is being called a hero for alerting people to the danger. >> i went from room to room and knocked on the rooms and got people out after which time the building zung in a sink hole. as you can see behind me what is left of the building, there is not much left of it. >> fortunately none of the guests who were staying in this building were hurt since they
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all got out in time. >> the most important thing is all our guests, considering the magnitude of this sink hole are okay. >> many of them left behind their personal belongings but realizing it could have been much worse. >> in this next story we should be so lucky. a case of mistaken identity prompted a double payout on saturday. this is kevin lewis. he was a winner in a $1 million give away. you can see the happiness on his face. the only problem, he's not the right kevin lewis. the real winner was another man named kevin lewis who was home at the time. the spokesman at the casino gave this explanation. >> there are a lot of similarities between these two with age and things like that. it was one of those mistakes that happen.
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>> they were both named kevin lewis. >> it has a two step verification process that failed. the casino says they do the right think for their guests and awarded both men with million dollar winnings. >> now your forecast. >> much of the mid-atlantic region it was a 90 degree day especially from baltimore south. we are at 90 at the airport. 1 in richmond. little bit cooler to the north and west and that's the cooler air that's trying to come into here. we won't feel that until wednesday. did hit 90 at the airport. 99 the record high. that will stand for another year. >> how many 90 degree days have
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we had? 19 of them. that's a drop from last year, 41 times as of august 12 last year. many of those were up in the 100's. normal is 19. we've had fewer than norming and much fewer than last year. different type of summer for sure. -- still 82 downtown. these showers and storms are going to increase in coverage and work their way toward baltimore. all of that coming our way for tonight and tomorrow. as we head forward morning showers become more likely. we'll keep it feeling kind of muggy out there but the skies clear and temperatures drop. 49 up in minnesota this evening. that will bring us cooler air
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beginning tomorrow night and really some nice weather here for wednesday, thursday and friday. the front is making its way toward the coast brings a chance for some strong storms. we will have to keep an eye on it. that main severe threat is to the south and east of baltimore. cloudy skies will keep temperatures down a few degrees tomorrow. wind on the bay will shift to the northwest tomorrow evening when the front rolls through. showers are likely in the mountains tomorrow but then gorgeous weather for thursday and friday. probably going down in the 40's at night. showers on the eastern shore tomorrow. mostly sunny and good as far as humidity levels go. thursday and friday feature lots of sunshine and highs in the upper 70's. >> around baltimore 84 tomorrow. 80 with clearing skies, breezy
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and less humid on wednesday. we'll be down to 55 on thursday morning and beautiful for the ravens on thursday. some showers make it in here saturday evening and better chance for scattered showers on sunday and monday. >> just in case you are a real late nighter we have something for you. jalen know and jimmy fallon. >> ashton kutcher is here. here is what is happening on m jimny fallon. >> justin timberlake is here all week. tonight on late night after jalen know. >> orioles find themselves in a tighter game than they should be because of an unusual play you don't usually see in the major leagues. we'll show it to you coming up.
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>> a san francisco giants apologized for throwing a banana
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add adam jones last night. he said he threw it on the field and did not aim for the center fielder. he had no racial motivation just frustration at the giants loss. he called the action embarrassing and apologized. connects for the single in the second inning brought in j.j. hardy and gave the orioles a 2-0 lead. then feldman hangs a curveball that crushes into the seats. solo home run and it's a one-run allgame. then this run because the umpire
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ruled machado interfeared at third. you can't make contact with the runner. it's tied at 2-2. then steve pearce comes in to score and that's the go ahead run. orioles up 3-2 in the fifth n arizona. >> for you darvish another almost. second time this-year texas pitcher yu darvish flirted with a no hitter. he took the no hitter into the eight with carlos ended the no hitter and spoiled the shutout with a solo home run. darvish got the win but back in april darvish had a perfect game. that would end with a single through his legs. >> a wave of experience has arrived with the rampse. now they can use the rest of the training camp to find out how
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much they have left. stokely wearing 80 practicing for the first time as he returns to the ravens started his career as a raven back in 1999. spent four seasons with peyton manning and last year as well in denver. clark could practice tomorrow. both players worked with ravens offensive coordinator. stokely looks like he still has quickly and reliable hands and if clark shows the same thing then the ravens have some new options on offense. >> when you look at him, you can see they've been productive. obviously their roles have changed over the years and haven't played as much in certain situations. we have a good blend of different groupings we use and we would be able to get them in the mix and give them an opportunity to see what they can do. >> michael jordan wants everyone to know even at age 50 he can
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still dunk. sound impressive until you see who he dunks on. he took a camper on and dunked on him. i love this kid's reaction. no big deal grabs the ball and takes him back to the free throw line to try again. one day this guy is going to realize telling stories ability michael jordan dunking on him will never get old and 20 years from now the story will go on these lines then i dunked on jordnden and the place went crazy. >> stick around. the forecast right after his.
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>> we've got a chance for some good weather? >> showers tomorrow, 84. sunny skies, breezy and less humet weather on wednesday, thursday and friday. comfortable weather with highs in the upper 70's. should be great football weather thursday evening. evening lows around 70 degrees or so. the next threat of rain late in the weekend and early next week. couldn't ask for better preseason football weather on thursday. >> ravens on thursday night. then the orioles are back home on friday. it's a sport fans delight.
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>> and mother nature. >> that's our news. thanks for joining us. just a reminder "the tonight show" is next. we'll see you tomorrow. good night. [ male announcer ] say goodbye to suits and suitcases,
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>> jay: thank you very much! gentlemen, thank you. thank you very much. welcome to "the tonight show." before -- [ cheers and applause ] thank you. before we begin the show, i want everyone to turn off their cell phones. has nothing to do with our program. we just want to protect you from anthony weiner. he may try to send you a text. [ laughter ] well as you know by now, anthony weiner has been caught in yet another sexting scandal. [ audience oohs ] you know, at the beginning of his campaign, he said that other texts and photos were likely to come out. [ light laughter ] well, they have. finally, a politician who keeps his promises, how about that? [ cheers and applause ] yeah. ♪ what is this, the second time? that officially makes weiner the peter tweeter repeater.
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[ laughter ] that's who he is. the peter tweeter repeater. [ applause ] did you all watch -- bizarre press conference with his wife? there was a strange guy in a a cubicle behind -- well, show it. here's the story. >> the mystery man positioned himself right behind anthony weiner during the televised press conference. he just popped up in the middle of weiner's remarks. turns out cubicle guy is a a reporter in new york. >> jay: no, no, not right. they said he was a reporter in new york. i don't think he's a reporter. i think he's a personal friend of anthony weiner's. well, just by the way he was dressed. turn around. show the other side of the cubicle. [ laughter ] look, i think it's a friend of weiner's. [ laughter ] [ applause ] you see, this anthony weiner story is important because it shows you how quickly technology moves in this country. i mean, just five, six years
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ago, if you wanted to see your congressman's penis, you had to get in your car, drive to minneapolis airport, find the men's room, knock on each stall door until you found the one that your congressman was cowering in. now they send it right to your iphone. [ laughter ] [ applause ] and this time he used -- i guess he used the name, carlos danger. you know why he used carlos danger? apparently the name whitey bulger was already taken. so he couldn't go with -- couldn't go with the whitey bulger. [ applause ] carlos danger. you know, i thought that screen name belonged to another guy. i think it belonged to this guy. it's geraldo, isn't it? [ laughter ] wasn't he carlos danger? am i wrong? but you know, anthony weiner has been through a lot since this whole thing started. in fact, people who have seen the more recent photos say his penis has really aged. [ laughter ]


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